Saturday, August 06, 2005

I'm back! No I'm not!


This morning, I was sitting cross-legged in a longhouse that is over four hours drive + one hour's boat ride from town, and now I'm back at home typing away on my notebook computer.

Long story or rather I should say, rant but.. I guess I'm an optimist because I do believe that it has worked out to my favour (as they usually do!!). Sure, I was all pissed-off this morning, glowering all over the longhouse, while nice Iban women patted my knee but now, it's all good.

I'm only here for the night! Am heading back tomorrow.. yet another long drive but would you believe it, this was the only way to make sure that I do my fieldwork the soonest?? No, I didn't forget anything. Other people messed up. And I'd never forget that either -- they're seriously screwed in my book. As well, someone's going to be in major trouble; I'd make sure of that.

I did contemplate of spending the night at the Hilton near the dam, at my own expense of course but.. you know, if you want things done right, you gotta do it on your own. So I made the needed long journey back to set things right.

Gosh, I had a good rant going but now, it doesn't matter anymore. Seeing the look of happiness on my parent's faces on my unexpected arrival (I shall not mention the ambivalent looks of my siblings ha haa) and playing with the doggies this evening was good for the soul so I'm not so ranty anymore. Plus, I had pizza!

I'm leaving again once more tomorrow. I know that I'd be sooo beat but tis the craziness that is my work. Yikes - gotta go to bed now! Long drive ahead the next day!!


At 7:57 AM, Blogger Eduardo said...

A fifteen hour trip "there and back again," (as Bilbo might say) is more than I would be willing to endure. I'd have pitched a tent in an open field and said t'heck with the travel. Some folks say its the journey and not the destination, but I get surly covering the same ground twice in a day. ;)

Have fun! Consider mercy to those in major trouble.

At 8:33 AM, Blogger Eduardo said...

Do any of Cayce's real friends have any idea how long she is in the field? I check this blog every day and its starting to feel a little obsessive. So I am determined not to check back except perhaps on a weekly basis to see if there is something new I can entertain myself with.

If I miss something cool let me know. You know, like a photo of a red lizard's butt or something?


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