Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Pain killer

I feel like a troll in Klatch in this heat..

Brains turning into mush. Cold and clammy...

Yesterday I had to leave work half a day early because of the little imps clanging cowbells in my head.

Today, I had a series of cat-naps. I'd like to say that I'm feeling better but the dull ache in my head and a perpetually runny nose won't let me.

You know what's my favourite part of the day? Right before the storm. Great gusts of wind, dark skies, there's an excitement in the air. People rushing to get their wares indoors. Women and their wet laundry hanging outdoors.

Always the women.

It's happening right now, the part before the storm that is.

The rambutan trees in the garden are starting to fruit. Little green hairy balls for weeks before they burst into bright red or bright yellow.

One thing I didn't like about Pontianak and apparently the rest of Indonesia -- every bloody person smokes, including the expats. They smoke indoors -- in the small, poorly ventilated hotel lobby, in the restaurant section marked "NO SMOKING", in the elevator (??!!!!!!). Bloody inconsiderate smokers, inflicting me with your second-hand smoke.

I want to travel to Manado, Sulawesi (or more specifically, Bunaken Isle) and learn how to dive. I also want to see the tarsiers and black macaques. Black macaques are so cool -- they have a mohawk and forage on the ground. I wonder what domestic flights fly out from Pontianak other than Jakarta. It'd probably be a cheaper alternative to travel around Indonesia compared to Air Asia because you don't have to fly to KL. And in both cases, you'd still have to bring your own food.

I received a package from Paris yesterday!! People who send other people books are angels.

Sigh, I wish that I had exchanged contact info with this woman I met in Pontianak who heard voices whilst visiting Borubodur (and obeyed them too) and had out-of-body experiences. I really like my crazy, candid people.

They're often the most sanest people I've met.


At 6:45 PM, Blogger Dominik said...

I think I just fell a little bit for you, thanks to your subtle Pratchett reference. :)

At 7:35 PM, Blogger Cayce said...

"just a little bit"?? what happened to the rest?

Oh, I've met Pratchett once in a book-signing in Vancouver many years ago. He's very nice. :)

One big reason to like Pratchett?? He feels that the world could use more orang utans -- huzzah!

At 4:05 PM, Anonymous tonyk said...

sorry just saw your reply to my question on Aug 27! my work in Nanga Sumpa 7 years ago was being the local university coordinator for a bunch of Danish students doing their fieldwork course. I was with UNIMAS but my research then was on mangrove swamp valuation - environmental economics. I left after I got it published by Borneo Review as I longed to travel.

You have a great blog!


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