Saturday, December 17, 2005

The bubble tea ritual


I think I'm starting my own bubble tea ritual here.. Meet travellers, take them out for bubble tea, which isn't exactly a Malaysian nor Bornean traditional drink. But I really like it. :D

Denni's one really cool woman. She's backpacking on her own, off to places that most travellers would rather avoid: Sulawesi, Kalimantan, and the Maluku Islands. I'm avidly following her blog because I too would like to visit these places one day.

Wouldn't it be so amazing to see the crested black macaque in the wild? Or hear a Sulawesi tarsier sing duets to its mate. Babirusas are plenty cool too. And of course, there's the heavenly snorkelling/scuba-diving in these Indonesian islands.. Ah, Denni! You have a great trip ahead of you!!

Ah, traveller's thirst is kicking in.. Good thing I'm heading off to Siem Reap on my own for New Year's!! Yup, I'd be spending my New Year's in Angkor Wat. I'd be staying in this lovely place for only US5 per day (plus free internet!). I'm feeling nothing else but excitement for this trip. None of the nervousness I felt about heading to Bali on my own. This time, I'm a little older and wiser and booking a room ahead certainly does wonders about relieving some of that travel stress!

I'm also looking forward to seeing some birdlife in Tonle Sap. Not too sure about the nightlife in Siem Reap. Most likely, I'd be keeping a low profile. Although they talk about these 'happy pizzas' in Phomn Penh... I wonder if you can get them in Siem Reap as well...

I wanted to talk more about the fest but am pretty pooped. It's still playing tonight at seven p.m. I am pleased of it overall, despite some hiccups. You learn from your mistakes after all and as well, there are some things you can't control so gotta let that go. But yes, happy overall. Very happy. And tired.

Better refresh myself with bubble tea.


At 2:22 AM, Blogger [The User] said...

You can indeed get some 'happy pizza' in Siem Reap. At first my companions and I were skeptical but after a few slices each our skepticism was diminished through fits of erm.. happy giggling.

Sounds like new year's at Angkor Wat will be quite fun. I think the best I might be able to manage is new year's in Whistler.


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