Friday, April 21, 2006

Rah rah rah!

Oh bloody hell.. I can't believe it's almost 4 a.m. and I don't remember falling asleep at all. I've been up all night and I'm still so wired. Stupid alcohol.

The funny thing, alcohol usually knocks me out but here I am feeling a bit crazed. Can't sleep at all. Like the hours have been minutes and minutes, seconds.

All these thoughts swirling in my head and I know that I had to either write it down or it would just go on and on and on..

Today [yesterday?] was an interesting day. For a while I was thinking to myself, this was not really what I expected but then I realized that I wasn't sure what I was expecting.. It actually turned out really well but er, different.

This is the annoying part where I don't tell you what's going on because hah hah, hehehehehe dum de dum.

Sorry, it's the alcohol.

I've been thinking about blessing a lot and how God doesn't gives us what we want but rather what we need. And how we don't recognize the blessings in our lives until it becomes foresight. Am I using the right word? Like seeing the meaning of the lesson after something happened [that we may necessarily not want or expect to happen]. What on earth am I babbling about?

It is so nice to be home! I had a lovely lunch with Miss Pele. This woman is awesome and I can tell her anything and not worry about her judging me or freaking out or using it against me like some people do. She laughs at me when I am being ridiculous but knows the right time to be sympathetic yet at the same time, uses phrases like "I'll slap you if you do that. No, I really would." [She hasn't really exercised her threat, yet]

Sometimes I read dating blogs, all of them from New York channelling the Sex and the City vibe. And I am amazed on how they could bounce from one guy (or girl) to another. In the sense that there's rapid dating going on, like how rabbits bred like crazy in Australia.

I don't know what I just meant either.

I don't envy their lifestyle because I know it's just going to make me feel even more confused than ever. I know that sometimes I get overly distracted over a new guy and that really annoys me when it eventually ends.

I've been thinking that dating is not dissimilar to a mating dance. And how we are all on a quest to find that person who intuitively knows the steps to our own personal dance. Oh shit, I had a whole bunch of meaningful crap to add on to this but stupid alcohol made me forget.

Anyway, this blog entry is crap and I'm annoyed at myself but I shall post it to teach myself a lesson.

I had so much to say but I forget now.

I shall write about bearded pigs next time.

Why is life so funny? I mean it's so fucking hilarious! I'm not being sarcastic!


At 8:51 AM, Blogger Dee M said...

Welcome back!Let's go for drinks/chats soon.Am still having the flu so maybe after am ok.Wouldn't want to infect people with it.Catch you online!

*This is one funny post because I am imagining you talking about it in front of me.He he he he

At 11:04 AM, Blogger Eduardo said...

I hope it doesn't bother you that this entertains me just a little.

I can't wait for the bearded pigs bit, btw.

At 2:55 AM, Blogger [The User] said...

Haha.. nice one Miss C. Two thumbs up for alchohol fueled blog posts.


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