Sunday, April 23, 2006

sober yet high on life

so it's been so crazy since i arrived home from the field. the late nights, sometimes sleepless. miss pele and i woke up so early [6:30 a.m.] on a sunday morning for our special project. kind friends came and supported us. they are wonderful!

old friends, new friends.. i made several new friends very recently and it was amazing how we just *clicked*. they are responsible for my recent late nights and crazy new introductions to things i thought i'd never ever do.

how we met too was incredibly crazy random. it's a story worth writing about but perhaps not today.

oh i bought a gorgeous sundress today! it fits perfectly -- i love it when this happens! and the price was incredibly right. i can't wait to wear it for the right occasion. i also bought beautiful spiral earrings from a local designer whom miss pele and i befriended today. she only started working on creating jewelry pieces last year but they look so polished and professional. i want more.

today was productive, crazy, and fun.

i haven't sunset-gazed on my roof for ages and so this evening, i climbed the steel spiral staircase, carefully walked along the ledge of the flooded balcony, stepped lightly over the terrace roof and sat and watched the sunset over the mountains.

various streaks of orange, red and grey.

it was breath-taking.

recently, a door of opportunity closed for me. it was a long-shot. it was crazy but i really wanted it. but now, i see that it also wasn't for me. and if it did happen, i wouldn't be able to do the other things i also really want to do.

maybe that's my problem -- too many choices.

not a frequent church-goer here but i do believe that God has plans for us, and nothing is random and there are all these lessons along the way that we have to go through, but also wonderful opportunities but only if we open our hearts.


i promise to be less mushy next entry and really write about those bearded pigs.


At 1:13 AM, Blogger Dermot said...

Woman, you are such a tease! You promise us pigs and all we get is girly dresses and jewelry.....

Bring on the pigs, even a couple of effeminate ones that can't quite grow beards would be good to keep us going....

At 11:57 PM, Blogger Eduardo said...

Mushy is good, but what is with the perfunctory approach to your punctuation??? You are normally so precise. I can't say its a turn for the better.

I am cringing because I think that you might start spelling thingz with a z and dropping y's in favor of i's.

I think these new friends are to blame.

At 3:50 AM, Blogger Apai Salleh said...

Hey, Where's the pigs ???? I wanted a swine filled entry, on the bearded pig...

Young lady, less ecstasy and more bacon.....

At 10:59 AM, Blogger Eduardo said...

I try to be all condescending and use "punctuation" instead of "capitalization". Now I look foolish instead of stern.



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