Tuesday, June 06, 2006


If there's anything to be learnt from my dear friend's wedding preparations... is that I don't think I want to have a wedding at all. Eloping sounds quite ideal, really.

All that work, stress, money!! for just one day. Maybe I'm just lazy but I'd like to use all that energy and money for something else. Like getting me lotsa stuff. STUFF.

The first bridesmaid dress we picked out for me (the one and only bridesmaid, I should add!!) was really beautiful and looked great on me but the mother-of-the-bride nixed it on the grounds it was too 'sexy'. But, but but!!.. all the dresses have spaghetti straps and are fitting! I was going to wear a shawl anyway. There were other really nice dresses that fitted me perfectly but I ended up with the one that makes me look about six months pregnant. Roman-esque dresses that billows around the waist area do not look good on wide-hipped girls, i.e. me. Oh well, my duty for the day is to make things go smoothly for the bride and that involves keeping the mother-of-the-bride happy.

What I'm really looking forward to is the reception where I get to wear a sari! My friend was a dear to shop for a sari for me in KL (because the selections here aren't that great), and she picked out a pretty greenish-blue outfit. And she even bought me two armfuls of Indian bracelets! However there is a price to wearing a sari:
a) there should be minimum trips to the bathroom, i.e. pee ahead of time! (how is this possible??)
b) no dancing (on the grounds that it would unravel and mother-of-the-bride will be very unhappy)

But what if they start playing Punjabi MC?? Aarrghh.... I so want to boogie. Initially I had thought of changing into another dance-friendly dress later on but then a level-headed friend rolled her eyes when I told her of my Grand Plan, and sarcastically asked, "who do you think you are? The Bride?"


Fine -- I'd have my DAY soon enough. And then everyone would have to do what I SAY. And and whoops.. right, no wedding.



At 3:03 PM, Blogger Sicilian said...

Honey we are dealing with that right now. . . . I am the mother of the bride. . . . she rules not me. . . I wished they'd have eloped and used this money for a house.


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