Sunday, June 11, 2006

Till death do us part

So I'm still pissed over my eyebrows but have calmed down enough to talk about the wedding.

It was great, it really was. It was beautiful, it was loving, it was all about the family. Even though I was the only bridesmaid, her cousins did most of the duties of the traditional bridesmaid. I don't feel too bad about it because it was pretty clear that they really wanted to be involved and it was a very close family to begin with. I'm just really honoured that despite my minor role than expected, my friend wanted me to be part of the celebration.

I have to say that I love the Indian wedding! Ok, say perchance that I were to have a wedding after all in the future, I want it to be like that: FUN. The emcee (her uncle) was a riot. The poor groom had to take a lot of ribbing on stage, including a game where he had to guess by smell who his newly wedded wife was. He ended up choosing her cousin as his wife! It was really funny. I really like the groom a lot -- honestly, he's perfect for my friend. And to stand stout in front of her numerous out-spoken relatives is pretty cool. You can tell that they are so fond of him and recognize him as her 'soulmate'.

As the cousin joked in her speech, "it took them 8 years to realize that he's alright".

My friend gave such a touching speech to her family. There was crying, and my other friend and I, who are closest to her, cried a bit too. There was a part where she recounted that her dad asked whether the groom loves her as much as he does -- and she told him that no one could love her as much as he (the father). It was such an AWWWWwwwww moment.

How beautiful is that??

And oh, there was dancing after! I was delighted. Only Indians, and few brave non-Indians, came on stage and Bollywood danced. It was really really cool.

Chinese weddings in comparison are so dull and boring. You come, you eat, you yam seng, you leave. That's it.

I'm not sure what native weddings are like. I think they are similar to Chinese weddings which is a pity. Maybe more drinking involved. And possibly some bad karoake-ing.

I wore a sari for the first time! It never occurred to me how much work is it to actually wear it. You have to watch how you walk because you could trip over it and you must always have one arm a bit crooked to hold the folds up. It was tiring! I know, what a wimp but I really enjoyed wearing it.

The weirdest moment that night was greeting my mom when she arrived at the dinner and she did NOT recognize me, even though I was tailing after her and my brother to their seats. I think it was my new drag-queen eyebrows. >:( She insisted that it was the sari. That, DESPITE, me showing the sari to my mom before I had to leave to get myself dressed.

I received a lot of compliments, particular from the bride's relatives, on my sari. I was very happy until the cousin took me aside and told me that I was supposed to say, "but oh, Auntie -- your sari is much MORE BEAUTIFUL than mine!"

Cayce=0, Indian politics = 1

All in all, a really good day (well sans eyebrow drama). Gosh, I forgot about the church wedding -- it was really beautiful too. When they were saying their vows, I got all choked up and thought to myself,

"I really REALLY don't want to get married!!!'

Life-companion, ok larr. But let's skip the whole marriage and kids part. I really like the Indian wedding celebration though. I could always use that to celebrate something else -- like the regrowth of my eyebrows.



At 7:25 PM, Blogger Eduardo said...

Sounds like a good time!

Btw, I am entertaining myself at work by photoshopping one of your flickr pics to see if I can make drag queen eyebrows.


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