Sunday, July 16, 2006

Loving Berlin!

(The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on Tuesday, February 15, 2005, and sent via

Dear FutureMe,

Please tell me that you're in Vancouver, or at least travelling to some great locale elsewhere! If you're still stuck on that project, I shall be very upset.

Because, FutureMe, I will be spending the rest of this year, wishing for where you are now! And it better be good!

Dear PastMe,

You'd be so proud of me.. since the last week of June, you've travelled to Africa and Europe, and you're still travelling!!

Currently, you're in Berlin, struggling to figure out the German keyboard. You travelled for about ten hours on the bus and have now nicely settled in a quaint old building in East Berlin. You're absolutely loving the neighbhourhood because it's walkable to the city center. There is a park nearby that you've already sun-bathed a couple of times with your sun-loving Dutch travel companion. Oh! There is ONE thing you really don't like about Germany - damn neked fat men! Put your clothes back on for goodness sakes!!

You attended the Love Parade yesterday - an event that club kids go crazy for and apparently hasn't been held in Berlin for about two years. It was a very interesting experience and you never felt so normal and boring for such a long time. More neked people on the streets! Ugly fur boots! Scantily clad women! And men!

First impressions of Berlin?? Well, after coming from wholesome Holland (and I say it without any irony because that was sincerely my impression - I travel differently than some people??), Berlin seems more edgier. A lot more punk styles, and confusingly 80's alternative fashion but it's really neat to look at. It's a lot more prettier (the city) than I expected. Walking through the streets and remembering its history, is a pretty powerful experience.

At first, you were thinking - a week in Berlin?? What am I going to do?? Now it's like.. there are too many things to do!! My strength not to shop is wavering here.. I have to be strong - not so much because of the money but the fact that my bag is already bursting for some reason (really, I didn't think I bought that much so far) and I'm too lazy to lug my stuff around.

You've already received a couple of invitations to visit other towns in Germany and you're wavering.. It's so hard.. Damnit, one month is so not enough!! I don't want to rush around too much because actual travel movement is exhausting. You lose a day because you're too tired. And I actually prefer to choose a couple of places and stay as long as I can before moving on. I don't want to do the typical tour thing.

Anyway, gotta go. Summer days are gorgeously long here in Europe but my travel time is so short.. Need to make the best out of it!

Ciao! (i cannot spell goodbye nor pronounce it either in German)


At 4:03 PM, Blogger [The User] said...

If you can manage it the overnight trains are a great way to travel. You arrive at your destination in the morning, you're refreshed and you don't lose a day of travel!

At 5:28 AM, Blogger Cayce said...

i'm a cheap bastard and trains are expensive. it's cheaper to fly in some cases.

the bus is the cheapest though and i did take the overnight bus but damnit, i discovered that i cannot sleep a wink on those darn buses.. so it looks like i might be flying to the next country!


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