Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Some weekend photos

Before we boozed (at the Love Parade). My travel companion for Berlin/amazing, generous host for Amsterdam, Marieke. I was so sad last night when she left. I really was. She was a great travel companion and a foodie!! Which meant that I enjoyed many good meals with her in Berlin - usually, when I travel, I am quite stingy that I tend to miss out on the greater joys of travelling - the FOOD. She was also so fun and vibrant. Like a force of wind. I will see her again one last time when I head back to Amsterdam to catch my flight back (*sob*).

Posing with the Malaysian Buddy Bear. I didn't like it so much, compared to the other bears, it was so blah in comparison. What a pity! But I posed next to it anyway. Heh.

So what are the Buddy Bears? The idea was created in Berlin, to represent the 142 United Nation member states. Each bear is painted by an artist representing his or her country, with the message of what the country represents and to symbolize "love, peace, friendship, tolerance and international understanding".

Of course, I've never heard of the Buddy Bears until we actually stumbled onto them, on our way to the LoveParade. Some of the bears were really great - my favourites include Cuba (it had a cigar he hee). It was a pity to see the Malaysian bear looking like it was wearing pyjamas...

At a castle in Pottsdam. The one where the King slept with his dogs and there was no plumbing. I had to take obligatory tourist photo.

Today, I had a local guide - a friend of a friend, named Jenny. She is so sweet and friendly. Took me to the Berlin Wall where I took more photos!! And then, we went second-hand clothes shopping! So exciting. In the end however, she found more great deals than I did. I think it helps when one has tall model figure and everything looks good on you.. On my end, sometimes I look like the squat asian dumpling so well.. the bright side of things is that I saved money! I think the moral of the story however is not to shop with gorgeous model companion because everything else on you looks so... ehhh.. I don't know why that the girls I've met in my Europe trip have been all so gorgeous and pretty AND very nice. But yea, a lot of good-looking people here. I love it! I'm so superficial like that. It is great! I get inspired especially when they are all looking so cool and hip. The guys are eye candy, the girls, inspiration.. It's all good!

Tomorrow, it's museum day.. I feel like I need to get more into Berlin's history. And if I pluck up the courage, I might even get my hair cut because it's getting too damn long and I'm so looking like Suzie Wong these days. Get me back to the refugee boat, stat!


At 10:09 PM, Blogger Eduardo said...

Nooooooooo. There is nothing wrong with long hair. Step away from the scissors... just... back... away... slowly.

At 12:06 PM, Blogger Dee M said...

I love the Bear concept but not so likey our Malaysian one.I want a European holiday too!!!!Sighs.Ok,maybe next year.


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